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Engineered wood is perfect for a wide variety of homes

his fine product has the elegance of hardwood with increased durability. The result is a gorgeous floor that will continue to last even with heavy use! Shopping for beautiful floor coverings is simple when you visit Home Floors. For years homeowners have visited our Denton, Collin, and Dallas County locations to find the finest products at the best prices. Now you can find the floor you want and get fast delivery to your door. Installation is performed by the top-rated technicians in these areas at lightning fast speeds. You’ll have a completely updated home before you know it! And it is all offered at a price that you can afford. There is no better choice when it comes to building the home you want on a budget.

Better Protection Against Moisture

It is no secret that water is not friends with hardwood flooring. Leaving standing water on your floors is a well-known recipe for disaster. Warping and swelling can ruin a beautiful floor and make it weaker against future wear factors. Engineered flooring isn’t harmed by moisture because it has a thicker wear layer. There is no worry about shifting, swelling, or mold growth. It can even be used in damp areas of the home like basements or in humid climates.

Environmentally Friendly

Engineered wood actually helps save forests in the long run. They are a conservative way to have beautiful hardwood without using more materials. For every one square foot of ¾ inch thick solid wood flooring, four times the amount of engineered wood can be created. And using less forestation material does not affect the quality or durability of the flooring. This means that you are helping the environment while you make your home look its best!
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Plano, TX from Home Floors

Easy installation

This floor covering comes in tongue and groove planks. This can be a great advantage if you want to install your floors as fast as possible. They fit together snugly and make installation much faster. They can also be glued directly onto dry concrete slabs and stapled over wood subfloors. This versatility makes it easy for your installers to find a quick solution for a long-lasting, even floor.

Different options

Like hardwood, this floor covering comes in dozens of varieties. You can find almost any wood species that has been turned into engineered wood. Choose beautiful domestics to brighten up your home, like Maple or Sapele. Or you can see dark, exotic species like mahogany and Brazilian teak. Having this many options makes it simple to find the perfect floor covering to complete your interior design.

If you want a hardwood floor that is built to last, choose engineered wood flooring from Home Floors! Order your new flooring and find installation services in Denton, Collin, and Dallas County online. Call (972) 219-7600 for a quote.

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