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Hardwood Floors Are a Classic Choice from Home Floors That Offer Beauty, Durability and Easy Maintenance for Decades to Come

Hardwood floors have been around for centuries because they’re built to last, strong, easy to maintain and add additional market value to your home. Do you know that you can still find hardwood floors in a relatively good condition in homes built during the Victorian era? This is a product that lasts for a very long time. It isn’t the least expensive flooring material on the market today, but it makes up for the initial expense with low maintenance costs over time. In addition, there are more hardwood floor styles available than ever.
Hardwood floors in Frisco TX from Home Floors

Here are some facts worth knowing

  • Hardwood floors don’t harm the environment: There was a time when some people were concerned that hardwood floors would destroy large areas of our forests. But, that’s no longer true. Modern conservation efforts have virtually eliminated that threat. Today’s hardwood flooring is obtained from replenished forests worldwide. Modern manufacturing processes use less energy and water resources making hardwood floors they use for other flooring materials. In addition, hardwood floors can easily be recycled when it is replaced. Finally, you may also notice that your energy bills are lower during the summer when your hardwood keeps your home cooler. These days, even eco-friendly homeowners should enjoy this fine flooring without guilt.

  • Hardwood floors keep your home healthier: Did you know that indoor pollution is responsible for a large number of breathing difficulties? People who suffer from allergies can finally rest easy. Hardwood creates blocks allergens and absorbs excess carbon. Dirt and dust won’t be pulled in past the solid urethane surface coating. Pollutants can simply be swept up or vacuumed up. You will breathe easier with hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are a better long-term deal

Many homeowners might be concerned that hardwood floors have a slightly higher ticket price than vinyl or laminate. Nevertheless, the value of this hardwood floor is well worth the additional cost. Installation is often fast, depending on whether you choose to finish your floors in-home or at the factory. Cleaning supplies are inexpensive; and there is never any need for frequent shampooing or waxing. After many years of use, you can sand and refinish lackluster hardwood instead of replacing it completely. You can rely on the fact that hardwood will last your family for a long time, and that it will require minimal effort and cost to take care of. In the end, a hardwood floor will prove more affordable and a better investment than you thought at first.

Home Floors provides products and services for homeowners in Flower Mound, Southlake, Fresco, Plano, McKinney and other local Texas areas. You can e-mail us, telephone us or stop by at a Home Floors store near you in Flower Mound or Frisco to discuss your hardwood floors remodeling project.

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